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Lopez, Julie

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Dr. Julie Lopez, an award winning clinician and entrepreneur, is the founder of Viva Partnership, the leader in DC’s brain and body based therapeutic scene.  After her beginnings as a systems engineer, she transitioned to focus on the most complicated system of all, the human system. 

Through her mastery of human change, she delights in empowering leaders to optimize their own performance as a conduit for inspiring and improving their organizations.  Her book Live Empowered!  illuminates the invisible aspects of human performance that lead to maximum productivity and happiness results. 

Over the years, Dr Julie has been cited as a trauma and addictions expert and has been featured by the Associated Press, Fox News, Telemundo, and a host of other print and broadcast publications.  She also served as adjunct faculty for the Catholic University of America in their graduate program for nearly a decade.  

Her clinical specialty is working with implicit memory (hidden, cellular memories) by utilizing advanced brain-based therapies, including EMDR, Brainspotting, and Neurofeedback. 

Due to her thorough understanding of how the body adapts and survives the stumbling blocks of life, Dr. Julie speaks and works with individuals and teams in a way that’s both effective and relatable. By leveraging brain science, Dr. Julie loves to illuminate hidden pathways to increased excellence, empowering her audiences talk by talk.

Dr Julie’s relatable style and engaging stage presence, make her a sought after speaker and trainer.  

Committed to giving back to her community, she has been mentoring and coaching budding entrepreneurs for over 2 decades.  Dr Julie is the principal architect of the free online mental health repository, The Resilient Brain Project, aimed at empowering users while reducing the stigma and isolation that often surrounds those that struggle with their mental health.

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