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Award-Winning Women in Film Create Commercial Spot to Celebrate Super Amazing Princess Heroes & the Girls They Inspire

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – September 12, 2016 – Little girls love princesses, but what happens when you ask them what princesses actually do? Better yet, what happens when you combine princess and superheroes together? Director Lena Khan, producer Megha Kadakia, music composer Lisa Liu, and editor Carol Carimi Acutt explore just that and more in a new Super Amazing Princess Heroes (SAPH) commercial spot that inspires girls to be tomorrow’s heroes.

Touched by the empowering message conveyed by SAPH characters, the women collaborated to create the heartwarming and fun spot, in which SAPH creator Sanjay Nambiar shares how he drew inspiration from watching his own daughters play.

Also featured in the spot are kids dressed up as SAPH characters sharing their thoughts on the concept behind the Super Amazing Princess Heroes. “We wanted to uncover what girls love about princesses, like glitter and fancy dresses,” said director and filmmaker Lena Khan. “But when we asked them what princesses actually do, the answers were revealing and informative, ranging from ‘I don’t know,’ to ‘They paint their nails all day and chase princes.’”

“The little girls’ faces lit up when they realized that princesses could have superpowers. That was amazing - suddenly they knew they could be superheroes too," added Carol Carimi Acutt, herself a mother of two girls and producer and editor of top-rated television shows like Big Brother and The Bachelor. Music composer Lisa Liu noted, “We love what the SAPH brand has done for girls by introducing confident relatable characters and reinforcing the notion that girls are strong, powerful, and take care of themselves and the world.”

Meha Kadakia, the spot’s producer and co-founder of SPH Media, the company behind the Super Amazing Princess Heroes, said, “We wanted this spot to convey a message of fun and empowerent. Luckily, the wonderful girls we interviewed brought both in spades. The girls truly reflected all that we want the brand to inspire, as if they were real life Super Amazing Princess Heroes filmed on camera.”

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About the Super Amazing Princess Heroes

The Super Amazing Princess Heroes (“SAPH”) is a global brand and community that inspires girls to be tomorrow’s heroes. The primary narrative follows three wonderful girls – Kinney, Oceana, and Sammie – who discover magical tiaras that transform them into princesses with super powers. In the first SAPH story, they save the prince! With a universe of diverse and fun characters from around the world, books, interactive stories, animation, games, toys, and much more, SAPH helps girls celebrate themselves while cultivating the power within. Learn more at and

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