Enterprising Women Vol 10, No 2, 2009

Publisher’s Note 5
Events 12
News 18
Want Government Contracts? 24
Cover story: Accessing Capital in a Challenging Economy 28
Assessing Your Financial Picture 29
How the Right Bank Can Help 31
Gaining Access to Credit 33
How to Pick a Private Equity Partner 36
Sustaining Your Business While You Wait 38
Overcoming the Anxiety of Developing Projections 43
Securing a Bank Loan 45
Minimizing Your Slow-Paying Client List 50
Live Great to Be Great 52
The Boumi Movement 55
The Cooperstown Cookie Company 56
Becoming Athena 58
The ‘Girl Effect’ and the Future of Change 59
Building a Green Office with Sustainable Design 61
Make Mine a Million: Start It, Save It, Grow It 63
The Top Ten Diet Myths 65
Simple Steps for Successful Entrepreneurship 66