Enterprising Women Vol 10, No 2, 2009

Join the M3 RACE by logging on to www.makemineamillion.org . Registration will remain open until June 30, 2009. The M3 RACE ends on midnight, December 31, 2009 and winners will be announced in February 2010. T his year, women across the country are gearing up for a race – only they’re leaving their sneakers in the closet. Count Me In for Women’s Economic Independ- ence, with founding sponsor American Express OPEN, has launched the Make Mine a Million $ Business RACE (M3 RACE) – a year-long business growth marathon bringing together thousands of women entrepreneurs to network online and compete in a race to grow their businesses and create jobs in the United States. The M3 RACE inspires women nationwide to challenge them- selves and each other to realize their vision for their company and reach their revenue targets. Women can choose their own pace for their 2009 business revenue goal: $250,000, $500,000, or $1,000,000 or more. By joining the RACE, women receive Count Me In’s business growth assessment tools and a digital financial dashboard underwritten by American Express OPEN. By crossing their personal finish line, participants will receive national recognition and the chance to win a grand prize of $100,000. Start It, Save It, Grow It enterprising Women 63 Make Mine a Million:M3 Race Update Helena Collins Life In Synergy, Inc. Boston, MA Revenue goal: $250,000 Helena has been self-employed for more than twenty years. She estab- lished her current business in 1997. Life In Synergy, is a fitness education company with two studios in Boston. Helena also launched an online learn- ing product, the Synergistics Life- style™ Program, which teaches the skills to achieve success in fitness. Helena’s goal is to change the health of America by offering women excellent fitness education at an affordable rate. She understands that historically, women have been the early adopters of everything related to health and wellness. Helena recog- nizes the participants in the M3 RACE as the emerging leaders of tomorrow. She joined the RACE because of the comfort in knowing that there is a group of women facing the same challenges, joys and obstacles that come with owning a business. Jennifer McKinley Cor Los Angeles, CA Revenue goal: $500,000 Jennifer is a 2007 Make Mine a Million $ Business awardee who joined the RACE after her first business left her in financial ruin. Cor is a luxury skin care treatment line with a patented formula that allows its active ingredients to get to the “core” of skin care issues. After a devastating split from her business part- ner, Jennifer had to make a decision: either return to corporate America or continue down the road of entrepreneur- ship. Jennifer, who loves marrying the strategic with the highly practical and action-oriented behavior that building a new company requires, chose to “flex every muscle” as the CEO of her own business. Her self-confidence paid off and she reached $300,000 in revenue during her first year of sales. She assert- ed her “go big or go home” attitude with the help of the M3 community. “I want to continue to get that support, inspiration, and expertise that is offered by the group,” she says, “and so joining the RACE was a no-brainer.” Maria Williams PuriTec.com Kennett Square, PA Revenue goal: over $1 million After a successful 15 year corpo- rate career, Maria felt that it was time to grow her own business and not someone else’s. She purchased PuriTec.com, an online water filtra- tion sales company established in 1998, in June, 2008 and nearly doubled her revenue by the end of the year. Maria credits her two young sons, who, she says, moti- vated her to start her own business. “They are the reason I was so moti- vated to have my own business – to show them you can do anything you want if you want it enough and work hard enough to get it.” She joined the M3 RACE to connect with like- minded women who grow and run successful businesses. Maria is also using her participation as inspiration to push herself a little harder every day. She says, “Competition makes things a little more interesting!” Meet three women who have joined the M3 RACE and are committed to crossing their business growth finish lines: