Enterprising Women Vol 10, No 2, 2009

B Y NANCY GOS HOW C elebrating my company’s 30 year anniversary, Goshow Architects, LLC rang in 2009 by moving into a newly renovated office in Manhattan cur- rently registered under the United States Green Building Council’s LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) C.I. for commercial interiors. Our new office incorporates important sustainable design features to uphold the green-centric nature of our brand. This move allows us to unify our staff, previously spread out over two floors, into one collab- orative community. In addition to offering a competitive rent, the building has an array of established tenants such as the New York Building Council, also an advocate for promoting sustainable design practices. There are added values to greening an office space. Research has shown that being green also helps a business attract the best employees, stand out in a crowd- ed marketplace, and increase employee morale and productivity. A crucial factor when making the deci- sion to green a business is to develop an implementation plan for all sustainable operations of the firm. After finding an office space suitable to their needs, we set forth to design a cre- ative haven that served a purpose in more ways than one. An array of methods were incorporated into the planning and design of the new office interior. To reduce indoor air- borne pollutants, all of the paints, sealants, and adhesives are low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) and the composite wood products have no added urea form- aldehyde. Much of the interior was reused and recycled including the carpet, gypsum boards, steel studs, and other materials that obtain recycled contents. For the workspaces we reused some of our exist- ing furniture and, when necessary, pur- chased remanufactured systems furniture. More than 50 percent of construction waste, from demo, and construction of new space was recycled. The reduction of water and energy use was also a major part of the plan. The installation of low flow plumbing fixtures, such as aerators in sink faucets and dual flush toilets cut down on unnecessary water waste. going Green enterprising Women 61 movin’g on up How one entrepreneur used sustainable design to ‘green’ her office.