Enterprising Women Vol 10, No 2, 2009

52 enterprising Women B Y DONNA S HU LT Z I t might be an odd thing to say, but at Mirror Show Management (MSM), I’m constantly amazed by our people. They amaze me with their inexhaustible work ethic. They astound me with their immeasurable creativity. I’m overwhelmed when I witness their incredible devotion to our customers. And above all else, they astonish me with their everyday heroics. Working with MSM, you get vision, ener- gy, attentiveness, and intelligence, and I believe that it’s rare to have a wonderful group of people who each possess every one of these attributes. Our people are the muscle, heart, and soul behind Mirror Show Management, and making sure that they know how much their hard work is appreci- ated and giving back to them has always been one of my priorities. That’s why in 2007, with the help of our Human Resource Business Manager/lead- ing fitness authority, we launched Live Great ™, a series of ini- tiatives all about being better. At its core, the belief that drives Live Great ™ is that if we invest in our employees, they will in turn invest back into MSM and our customers. But we don’t just teach them about health and wellness. We also do our best to ensure that they have all the tools they’ll need to succeed. This, along with the teamwork and goal setting that these initiatives fos- ter, provides the foundation around which Live Great ™ was designed. Live Great™ helps keep everyone at MSM healthy, but we don’t expect every- one to be able to run a 5K and eat a per- fectly balanced diet. Our goal is to sponsor a variety of programs so that each person can find something that they are passionate about. And I’m so pleased by the number of people who have embraced Live Great ™, whether they participate in just one pro- gram or take part in everything we offer. Many of our people take great pride in their health, and because fitness is already a part of their everyday lives, we made it one of the cornerstones of Live Great ™. We were lucky to be able to build an onsite fitness center as part of our new facility in Webster, NY, and we’ve stocked it with tons of equipment from treadmills and elliptical machines, to free weights and exercise balls. Every Thursday, we have an hour-long exercise class in the fitness cen- ter led by a certified fitness instructor. She is our inspiration and our drill sergeant, and leads us through a new workout each week that combines cardiovascular activi- ty and weight training. I think the best part about it is that the class is customizable to any fitness level, from an exercise newbie to our resident iron woman. We try to be creative with our fitness initiatives to get as many people involved as we can because it’s so important to stay active. We had a battle of the sexes in our Step- Up competition, an eight-week contest with a goal for each person of 10,000 steps per day. Last summer, we creat- ed the Summer Shape- Up, a cardio competi- tion in which the team that logged the most cardio minutes won a prize. And participating in the Chase Corporate Challenge, the world’s largest corporate run/walk, was a fantastic team- building event, not to mention a lot of fun. While we love our weekly fitness class and a healthy dose of friendly competition, there’s so much more to living a healthy lifestyle, and we support other health and wellness initiatives through Live Great ™. We’ve sponsored Weight Watchers, and even covered the cost of participation for those people who decided that it was time to make sensible food choices and eat healthy. And we’ve taken steps to encourage our employees to quit smoking This New York entrepreneur has built health and fitness into an outstand- ing HR program that keeps her team fit and motivated to succeed. ‘We Live Great™ so we can be great.’ Holiday parties are part of the Live Great program at Mirror Show Management.